Y Tourer 3432 - Part 6

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5 October 2006 [~ 397Kb]
As expected, a few minor problems were encountered on the first drive. There was significant leakage of oil from the rear axle, which after several attempts to resolve, was found to be caused by the axle flanges not seating correctly in the recess in the rear hubs. Application of good quality silicone gasket sealant, plus convincing the axles to go into place by tightening the wheel nuts without the drum and wheel in place fixed this leak.
Some minor leakage from the speedometer drive on the gearbox showed up, as did leakage from the pinion seal on tte differential housing.

5 October 2006 [~ 376Kb]
Chris (mechanic extraordinaire) had taken the car out for its first run, when the leakage was discovered. During the course of the day, I took it out for further runs, to test minor repairs, bed in the brakes and see whether any other little problems would surface.

5 October 2006 [~ 368Kb]
By the end of the day, it had done some thirty miles on the road and it seemed that things were generally working OK. So it was decided to drive the car to the upholsterers workshop tomorrow (Friday) so he could have the car for the next week to do the balance of the interior trim and hood.

6 October 2006 [~ 270Kb]
Alas, it was not to be. About 10 miles down the freeway, there was a loud bang and clatter, followed by a cessation of forward motion. On further investigation, a foreign body was found in the crankcase, clearly visible from outside the case! So, the view I least wanted to see - the old girl is ignominously returned to the workshop on a tow truck.

6 October 2006 [~ 467Kb]
About five hours of frantic work later, the engine is out and the damage is clear to see; it seems the oil pump drive gear has separated from the oil pump, met the crankshaft at around 3500 rpm and been batted out the side of the crankcase.

20 October 2006 [~ 451Kb]
Latest news on the motor is not good - collateral damage includes damaged big end bearings, a siezed piston which broke part of the skirt, but worst is that the crankshaft was bent by the collision with the oil pump gear. Technicians are trying to straighten the crankshaft; if this cannot be done a replacement crank will need to be ground and installed. On Monday we will know whether the repairs can be completed in time. Meanwhile, the upholstery proceeds apace. Partially completed door trims are shown.

20 October 2006 [~ 446Kb]
The trim in the rear of the car, showing the area where the side of the hood is stowed when closed.

20 October 2006 [~ 458Kb]
The hood frame has been tidied up and installed, with the straps in place; the actual hood is cut and will be stitched and installed over the weekend. Other interior trim will also be completed over the weekend, and the car shipped back to the workshop on Monday, in anticipation that the motor will be ready to install sometime, hopefully early, during the week.