Y Tourer 3432 - Part 5

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3 October 2006 [~ 393Kb]
Starting to look more like a completed car now, all four wheels on the ground, hubcaps fitted.

3 October 2006 [~ 358Kb]
As I am working on fitting the glass to the remaining side curtain, Chris has been adding the seals to the others.

3 October 2006 [~ 291Kb]
Everything is now in place in the engine bay; the engine has been run a few times and everything seems in order.

3 October 2006 [~ 334Kb]
Now we really need to get this thing out on the road and try and work out any little problems so that all goes well on the big day. Tomorrow I collect the front seats which will then be installed so that first road testing can take place.

4 October 2006 [~ 261Kb]
We now have the front seats, so installation can proceed.

4 October 2006 [~ 311Kb]
We seem to be in good company here; the car in the foreground is a Jaguar, and to the right another MGY, a saloon undergoing restoration.

4 October 2006 [~ 268Kb]
First, the floorboards were marked for mounting holes from the old floorboards; a little trial showed that the seat needed to be further back and to the left for a comfortable seating position, and holes were placed accordingly.

4 October 2006 [~ 362Kb]
First, the seats are bolted in place on hte bare floorboards.

4 October 2006 [~ 302Kb]
Then the underfelt and carpet needs to be fitted around the seat mounting points.

4 October 2006 [~ 324Kb]
And finally the seats are refitted with the carpet in place.

4 October 2006 [~ 368Kb]
With the seats fitted, it is starting to look ready for a test run.

4 October 2006 [~ 302Kb]
Front on view of the seats after fitting.

4 October 2006 [~ 351Kb]
As we are now ready to take this out for road testing we can properly install the steering wheel and its parts. First road test is scheduled for tomorrow morning!