Y Tourer 3432 - Part 4

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22 September 2006 [~ 328Kb]

22 September 2006 [~ 317Kb]

22 September 2006 [~ 337Kb]

22 September 2006 [~ 247Kb]
Still waiting for the return of the instruments but in the meantime we have a new ignition switch and a very temporary ammeter until I can locate a correct item.

22 September 2006 [~ 335Kb]

22 September 2006 [~ 229Kb]
Boot floor is painted and fitted - another piece crafted by Brianne.

22 September 2006 [~ 294Kb]

22 September 2006 [~ 296Kb]
Tread strips are currently being fitted to the running boards.

22 September 2006 [~ 312Kb]
Under the bonnet, just about everything is completed; air cleaner will be off for a while until final tuning of the SUs is completed. Gauge in the lower right is just there for testing purposes and will disappear later.

29 September 2006 [~ 165Kb]
I spent a few hours today cutting the rubber trim for the sidescreens and fitting the glass into the frames. Still to do - the weather seals on the side curtains and of course the upholstery for the flaps on the front screens.
Also, the rear shockers arrived today from their overhaul and were being fitted as this shot was taken.

29 September 2006 [~ 189Kb]
Unfortunately there was a slight miscalculation of the amount of rubber trim needed, so one sidescreen is yet to be finished.

29 September 2006 [~ 174Kb]
Instruments have returned from repair and are in place. Mechanisms have been overhauled, but new faces are still coming from somewhere. Awaiting a couple of indicator lights and new starter knob and cable, which will hopefully arrive next week.

29 September 2006 [~ 158Kb]
The handbrake lever has been fitted and cables adjusted; carpeting is now in place. It doesn't show in the picture, but the right hand side carpet is just a few mm too big, so will have to be removed, trimmed and re-edged.

29 September 2006 [~ 177Kb]
The steering wheel is put in place for a quick photo opportunity. It isn't fitted yet to protect it from accidental damage.

29 September 2006 [~ 180Kb]
A closeup view of the restored steering wheel.