Y Tourer 3432 - Part 3

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2 August 2006 [~ 394Kb]
Headlight mounting bar in place, and finally a badge so we know what make of car this is!

2 August 2006 [~ 416Kb]
Front wheels are off as we apparently have a problem with the left steering linkage

2 August 2006 [~ 493Kb]
Things are probably happening in the engine bay

2 August 2006 [~ 483Kb]
A side view of the car - the paint is so shiny!

2 August 2006 [~ 491Kb]
Now there are headlights fitted

31 August 2006 [~ 497Kb]
Bumper bars appear at the front and we have a windscreen frame in place

31 August 2006 [~ 444Kb]
More from another perspective

31 August 2006 [~ 473Kb]
Dashboard is in place, and a restored steering column is fitted

31 August 2006 [~ 488Kb]
From the rear, this is starting to look like a motor car. Looks like we have an exhaust system now.
If you were wondering, the vehicle in front of the Y is a 1929 Talbot.

9 September 2006 [~ 499Kb]
The engine is now running, and the exhaust turns out to be a sports system so we have a nice sounding vehicle - although it probably sounds better than it will perform given it is 1250 cc and not many horsepower. A few oil leaks were found and rectified - not bad seeing the engine was rebuilt just under 14 years ago and hasn't run til now. In fact, this is the first time the engine has run since 1964!

15 September 2006 [~ 476Kb]
Windscreen is fitted and wipers are fitted and tested. Engine has been run again and run through the gears to ensure all gears, and clutch, are working satisfactorily; brakes also function, although how well remains to be seen after an actual run on the road. Remember we have mild steel brake drums, which have a fairly low coefficient of friction compared to cast iron.