Y Tourer 3432 - Part 2

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15 June 2006 [~ 486Kb]
Chromework and doors start to go on

15 June 2006 [~ 489Kb]
Boot is lined with rust preventing coating

15 June 2006 [~ 508Kb]
Another view

15 June 2006 [~ 492Kb]
Yet another view

15 June 2006 [~ 442Kb]
And from the rear

19 June 2006 [~ 339Kb]
Dashboard receives the first of quite a few coats of polish. That's the radiator at left, having had a new core fitted it deserves a coat of paint as well

19 June 2006 [~ 340Kb]
Closeup of the dash; while its rather dusty it gives some indication of how great it will look when finished

12 July 2006 [~ 426Kb]
The grille slats are polished and in, thanks Paul for supplying the slats.

12 July 2006 [~ 445Kb]
A closer look at the grille

12 July 2006 [~ 462Kb]
Frame for the dashboard fitted. Thanks to Brianne for constructing the frame.

12 July 2006 [~ 491Kb]
The dashboard after its final coat of polish, which does real justice to this piece of American oak - not to mention Brianne's skill in creating the dash.

12 July 2006 [~ 521Kb]
The centre panel for the dash, which holds the switches and minor gauges, and the interior rear view mirror restored to better than their former glory

12 July 2006 [~ 456Kb]
More things seem to be happening in the engine bay too

12 July 2006 [~ 502Kb]
Other assorted shiny bits ready for installation.