Y Tourer 3432 - Part 1

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Circa 1962 or 1963 [~184 Kb]

Cabinet maker working on door linings Dec 2005 [~430 Kb]

Dec 2005 [~430 Kb]

Dec 2005 [~430 Kb]

Dec 2005 [~430 Kb]

Dec 2005 [~430 Kb]

Dec 2005 [~430 Kb]

Dec 2005 [~1 Mb]

Feb 2006 [~336 Kb]
The body has been rubbed and primed with a guide coat to find the last tiny blemishes in the finish.

Feb 2006 [~350 Kb]
From another perspective. This coat will be rubbed with 800 grit paper, final blemishes repaired and a final coat of primer applied. That will be the final coat prior to painting.

Feb 2006 [~444 Kb]
The rolling chassis at the mechanical workshop awaiting final touches before first starting of the engine. The engine and transmission was completely overhauled in 1992 but never started. The colour of the wheels will be the body colour.

Late Feb 2006 [~443 Kb]
Loose body parts are now painted and the body is to go in the spray booth shortly.

Late Feb 2006 [~407 Kb]
The body is ready to go in the spray boot. We are not the only Y-Type in the shop - there is a saloon in the background. But we will be finished first!

Late Feb 2006 [~397 Kb]
"I'm ready, can I go in the spray booth now? Please? Pretty please with sugar on? Just open the door and let me in!"

March 2006 [~384 Kb]
Whilst the body work goes on at the restorers, the cabinetmaker at home is busy creating a new dashboard from Americna oak.

11 May 2006 [~426 Kb]
A little while has passed, but things are happening. The body is now painted, and mounted on the chassis - it won't be fixed until the chromework which has just been sent out is returned, and the doorhinges and doors can be fitted and the body adjusted so the doors hang properly. Floorboards have been fitted, and lots of other detail work completed.

26 May 2006 [~480 Kb]
Time to put some external body panels on and see how they fit.

26 May 2006 [~492 Kb]
And lots of little bits being put back on in the engine bay.

26 May 2006 [~458 Kb]
The view from the rear.