Restoration of Y Type 3432

This vehicle has been in the family since around 1962 - it was in daily use as a teenager's 'wheels' until an unfortunate event involving a loose banjo bolt on the oil filter which caused a loss of oil and oil pressure which naturally led to a catastrophic engine failure.

It was then stored in the parental garage with the intention of 'doing it up' but life got in the way. Eventually, on the death of my mother, I rescued the car from the garage, and shortly thereafter commenced the process of returning it to its former glory.

Restoration part 1 started in 1992 but funds ran out, so it was returned to my garage for a further rest period.

Earlier this year (2006), my daughter decided she was going to be married, and reminded me that, when she saw the car as it was first brought to our house, she asked me if it could be her wedding car. I had said 'Yes' and put the problem of repairing it aside for a little while. However, earlier this year (2006) when she announced her intention to marry, she reminded me of what she had asked and said words to the effect of 'Well, it'll be ready for the wedding then'. So off to the restorers again with the hope that the car can be ready for 28 October 2006.

For whatever reason I failed to keep a pictorial record of the progress of the first part of the restoration; so we'll just have to settle for a record of the second stage.

This stage of the restoration is being undertaken by Finch Restorations a small but exceptionally skilled workshop at Mount Barker, in the Adelaide Hills. Regrettably, it is about a one hundred kilometer round trip to visit up there.